Why Youk?

youkweb12s-2-web                Kevin Youkilis “the Greek god of walks” is now a New York Yankee.  I feel I need a bath after writing this.  The man, who represented Red Sox Nation more than anyone, will now have the privilege to shave his facial hair and don the pinstripes.  The man who has seemed to be attracted to Joba’s fastball will now be sharing a locker room with him.  Youkilis received a 1 year deal for $12 million.  Reports stated that his choices were the Yankees and Indians who offered a 2 year $18 million deal until the Indians signed another third baseman.  That 3b was Mark Reynolds and the deal was a one year deal for $6 million

The Yankees paid double for a player that may be equal what Reynolds is.  Mark Reynolds just like Youk comes from a division rival, spending last season with the surprise Orioles.  Here’s a blind comparison.

A 135 .221 .335 .764 23 73 -.1 69 65
B 122 .235 .336 .745 19 51 1.3 60 72

Player A is Reynolds and Player B is Youkilis.  While both players had down season from their 2011 campaign Youkilis was more dramatic.  Since 2009 Youkilis’ WAR (wins above replacement) has dropped with the 2009 high 6.3 to 2011’s 3.7 then last year’s 1.3. While Reynolds WAR has never been good representation of his stats his WAR has stayed relatively consistent.  WAR has been estimated to be 1 WAR equals 4.5 million.  So if Youkilis puts up below 1 WAR which tend indicates he will then he will be an overpay compared to Reynolds and is S6 million contract.  Defensively speaking both players can play 3B and 1B but neither is winning any Gold Gloves.  Same with steals as both are closer to Posada then Gardner in speed.

Another fact is Mark Reynolds is clearly the better power hitter.  He has 181 homeruns since his debut in2007 while Youkilis over the same span has only 127 while also playing in the most right handed friendly park in baseball, Fenway Park.  The old saying is “Chicks dig the long ball” and Reynolds is a power guy who will excite the Yankee stadium crowd.


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A 3rd year student at Niagara University. I am a big fan of the Packers, Yankees, Nets, Devils, and Kentucky Wildcats . There will be a little of each of them in this blog and just thoughts on sports in general.
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