The Rocket Should Land in Cooperstown


   Roger Clemens is coming up for election into the Hall-of-Fame.  To me it’s not question he is a Hall-of-famer.  I would say the same about Barry Bonds too but this being a Yankee blog Ill leave the argument about only “the Rocket”.  This isn’t going to be an argument about stats.  We all know just based on stats, Roger is in on the first ballot.  No question.  This is going to be about the era of baseball that Roger excelled at.  An era where hitters had video game stats and pitchers were gaining on their fastball in their 30’s.  It was the STEROID era.

            Roger was arguably the best pitcher in baseball.  Winning Cy Young after Cy Young.  When Sosa and McGuire were hitting 60+ homeruns because of steroids Clemens was dominating the American League.  Baseball was filled with performance enhancing.  Instead of trying to put asterisk on the stats we must leave them alone.  Do we put an asterisk on pitching stats from the dead ball era?  Where Curtis Granderson’s batting average could lead the league (im joking kinda).  No we add a wing to the Hall called the Performance Enhanced era.  We cannot differentiate for 100% certain who did or did not use.  What we can see is you was the best from these years.  One of the best was Roger Clemens.  The Hall-of-Fame already has a black mark with omission of Pete Rose.  Lets not add to him with Roger and the rest of the best from this era.


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A 3rd year student at Niagara University. I am a big fan of the Packers, Yankees, Nets, Devils, and Kentucky Wildcats . There will be a little of each of them in this blog and just thoughts on sports in general.
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